Hi There!

You have reached Thousand Skies, the personal blog of Mic.

As a young lawyer, most of the posts here will be law school-related, which include case digests I did for class and other review materials.

I also have a life outside the legal field, however, so expect to have a few (okay, maybe a lot) contents on pop culture, entertainment, travel and basically anything under the sky!

Why Thousand Skies, you may ask?

Let's just say that Thousand Skies is actually my name, at least what it means anyway. So that's why.

Mil = Thousand
Cielo = Heaven

(Although I like the word sky better. Plus, Thousand Skies sounds better don't you think?)


(Yep, Thousand Skies do really sound better than Thousand Heavens!)

Welcome, and do enjoy your stay!


The Rule of Law

Looking for some law school materials? How about some case digests? I think I may have some of those in my digital library. Let me get them for you. Excuse me for a second.

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I love writing!

Yes, writing is my first love. I've been writing ever since I can remember and can easily write anything that comes to my mind. And I write a lot, mostly for myself, but please feel free to comment. I would definitely love those.

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A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I do agree. Oohh, did I mention that I also love photography? Ah, yes. These creative endeavors help me keep my sanity from all the stress in life. I am not as good as the rest out there but I try.

Wanna see?