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021 Maker Space Dream Incubator Soon Opens in Binondo

The 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator, a new coworking space and business incubator, opens this September 2020 at the heart of a busy commercial district in Manila City – Binondo. The 021 Maker Space is set to open its business on the 8th floor of Co Ban Kiat II building along Juan Luna Street, Binondo. Owned by 021 Group OPC, the new coworking space will be the company’s first and largest coworking space in Manila’s Chinatown district. 

Built during the Pre-War period, the Co Ban Kiat II building is one of the historical structures in Binondo. The building’s old name is S.J. Wilson building, taking after the American Navy expatriate Samuel J. Wilson. In the pre-war era, the building used to be the headquarters of the Manila Stock Exchange and other prominent companies and firms, including the Japanese Consulate General’s office, the French Consulate, as well as the Swiss Consulate, the Standard and Chartered Bank, Bank of America, Sunlife of Canada, and Phil Am Life Insurance, among others. 

The 021 Maker Space coworking and incubator is set to occupy over 836 square meters of office space with 170 rentable private workstations, coworking desks, meeting rooms, nursery room, phone booths, and ample area for sitting and events venue. Noting the exceptional demand of a coworking space in the country, the 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator seeks to offer competitive rates and cater not only to startup companies but to companies of all including freelancers, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, influencers, and even students. 

“What sets 021 Maker Space apart from other coworking spaces?”

It all boils down on investment opportunities. Venture Capital is a term often thrown around when it comes to startups and new businesses. An entrepreneur’s genius business idea often needs business funding in order to grow and Investors may offer to make a venture capital investment in exchange for a percentage return.

The 021 Maker Space aims to act as a bridge between the Entrepreneurs and Capital Investors and help with the incubation of promising companies, countless startup businesses, and turning them into multinational giants. With the creation of the incubator named 021 Maker Space, the owners hope that the space will be instrumental in turning ventures from “zero to one”. 

“Why open a coworking space during a pandemic?”

It is indeed very challenging to open a coworking space given the current situation but the owners of 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator believe that despite this pandemic, coworking is vital to the future particularly on how people will work moving forward. The owners further believe that capital ventures can have huge contributions to the country’s economic growth.

Undeniably, there are several companies that have asked their employees to work remotely and this kind of office space setup is only expected to grow further. At the same time, there are a lot of entrepreneurs and startups with amazing business plans who are not afraid to commence their business ventures and take risks even during this challenging situation. The 021 Maker Space has the potential to provide vital business services to startup businesses and support the remote workforce closer to where they are now. 

“What are the Services and Facilities that 021 Maker Space will offer to its customers?”

Aside from a modern and elegantly furnished coworking space, 021 Maker Space will be offering the following services to its clients:  

  • Private Offices  
  • Coworking Dedicated Desk and Hot Desk  
  • Virtual Office Space  
  • Meeting Rooms and Event Space  
  • Wi-Fi 6 Connectivity with Up to 1 Gbps high internet speed  
  • Cozy Lounges and Sitting Area  
  • Phone Booths  
  • Wellness Room  
  • Professional/Business Events  
  • Community Events  
  • Round the Clock Cleaning Team  
  • Complimentary Refreshments

Think you will be needing your very own space soon? Reserve your own 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator coworking space now while spaces last!

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