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10 Color Palettes for a Gorgeous Bathroom Design

Designing your bathroom is a great way to showcase your personality. All it needs is finding the right color palettes that suit you.

From powder blues and greens to all white and wood, here are ten color palettes for a gorgeous bathroom design just for you:

Powdery Blues and Greens

When we see blues and greens, we associate them with the sea and the sky’s colors. We feel calm and peaceful, as this palette gives a tranquil vibe.

The best part is that you do not need to worry about mixing different types of patterns and textures when you use this palette. But do not overdo it, either. Just keep your color palette options limited. Green, powder blue, white, and gray always works well together.

Powder Blue: #B0E0E6
Green: #008000

White and Black

If you’re thinking of doing a bathroom renovation, you might want to consider a white and black color palette. Nowadays, there are things you can do to make this bathroom palette look modern.

White and black are two ultra-popular pairs, as it gives different vibes like retro, luxury, and classy. But, of course, it will depend on the design you want to do.

You can never go wrong with mixing black and white inside your bathroom. White and black will always work well with gray and gold, making your bathroom design look luxurious.

White: #FFFFFF
Black: #000000

Cerulean Blue, Bone Gray, and Cotton White

This color combination gives off a bright energy boost every morning.

Cerulean blue is very refreshing to the eyes, and it can balance out neutral colors like white and gray. This color combination gives off a very relaxed, soft, and rejuvenating vibe.

Cerulean Blue: #2A52BE
Bone Gray: #92929A
Cotton White: #FDF3EA

Saturated Green and Blue Hues

Saturated green and blue hues are so trendy these days. Aside from its refreshing nature, the color combination creates a perfect harmony.

The best part is that you can add a focal piece in the bathroom with a teal touch. It can be a bathtub or an accent wall with different blue, brown, and tan shades.

With this bathroom design, the palette combination sends off a cool, calm, and lively vibe.

Green: #008000
Blue: #0000FF

Wood and Neutral Tones

Do you know that you can give your modern bathroom a rustic look? One way to do that is to add a double-faucet and use linoleum flooring. You can mix any natural tones of woods using brown-toned paint and oat around the bathroom. You can also add white and silver accessories, which will enhance the look of the space. Doing so can give you a cozy, warm, and homey vibe.

Sandcastle Brown: #987346
Oak #BCA078
Daisy White: #FEFFF9
Linen Gray: #D5D6D8

Poppy Coral, Black, and Mint Green

Feel young with this fresh palette scheme of poppy coral, black, and mint green accents.

This color combination gives you a bright, lively, and happy vibe by just looking at it. Its unique palette gives off positive energy to anyone who’s inside the bathroom.

Poppy Coral: #FB9878
Black: #000000
Mint Green: #98ff98

Mint with a Hint of Gold

Design your bathroom with pale pistachio paint and delicate white complements. That way, you can create a clean and refreshing yet luxurious vibe.

You can also add hints of gold and pine green to complement the palette schemes. You can also add scented candles and a bubble bath display to enhance the relaxed vibe of the bathroom.

Pale Pistachio Green: #839B8D
Pearl White: #E4ECEF
Pine Green: #2A6A6C
Hints of Gold: #CD9500

Wood and Muted Hues

If you’re a farmhouse-style fanatic, then this palette scheme is for you.

With a muted gray-green hue, this design complements to weathered wood, antique metals, and hand-woven accents. It also gives off a relaxing and country style-like vibe.

Gray Mute: #736F73
Green Mute: #5FA052

Greys, Brown, and White

Pair your ash gray walls with white and brown, as these neutral colors give a bathroom soothing sentiment. It also offers a welcome contrast.

To get the full luxurious experience, you can install a freestanding bathtub, a vanity table, and a separate shower.

Light Ash: # 8B847E
Stone Grey: # BDB4B9
Salt Grey: # C5B9BB
Chocolate Brown: # 271C1A
Powder White: # F8F9FE

All-White and Wood

White bathrooms are classy, but going full white can be dull. So, we suggest that you freshen up with natural wood colors and some antique-inspired metallic elements.

This gives off a calming, soothing, and minimalist vibe. It also makes the space looks fresh and gives a beach-like ambiance. Thus, making your room look expansive and elegant.

White: #FFFFFF

Every palette sends off different vibes, and it also shows off your personality. So, don’t be afraid to show your artistic side when it comes to color combinations. We hope this guide can inspire you in case you’re thinking of renovating or redesigning your bathroom.

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