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12 Funky Father’s Day Gift Suggestions

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12 Funky Father’s Day Gift Suggestions

Father’s Day is once again fast approaching and why can’t it ever be easy to shop for our dads? They already have almost everything the world has to offer and we certainly don’t want to give them another one of those handkerchiefs or belts which they would simply stock back in the cabinet. Why is buying gifts for dads just soooo complicated? I mean, of course, we don’t want to just give them one of those generic happy fathers’ day presents but we also don’t know where to look for cool and unique finds.

Fret not my dear fellow daughters (or sons)! I scrolled through Amazon and found some really cool and funky (just like our dads!) stuff we could give our beloved fathers.

1. For that one dad who just can’t seem to keep track of the time

Getting ready for work on a Monday morning? Or how about getting ready for your aunt’s formal event? Whatever he’s planning, whatever he’s doing, it seems that time is just a number for him. If only the hands on the clock could reach out to him and bring him to senses! There’s nothing more perfect to give to your always fabulously late dad than this happy-go-lucky clock! It’s sleek, it’s elegant, and most of all, it’s always accurate, only because he’s late anyway!

2. For that one dad who thinks that laughter is the best medicine

You know what they say, laughter is the best cure for all sickness. And what better way to induce laughter than to drink beer! This beer cooler is especially prescribed by the doctors and your dad just can’t seem to have enough of it. Advise him to be careful on the dosage, though, we wouldn’t want to get another prescription from his favorite doctor! *wink*

3. For that one dad who thinks he is a Big Bucks Daddy

We all know that one dad who is a bigshot in his professional career life. Then there are those dads who always say that you cannot just poop out money when you’re asking for allowance. True, now you can attest that you cannot poop money but you can use money to wipe poop! Is this real money? Confused? I am too! Let me just grab some money – err some tissues to clean my glasses.

4. For that one dad who always has something to say

It’s not just mothers who nags us to clean up our rooms or to throw out the garbage. Sometimes, dads do it too. But in order not to be dubbed as a “not cool dad”, some dads love to find ways to passive-aggressively do things to have their children do chores. Thus, ta-da! A magnetic poetry kit is the perfect solution! Not only does your dad get you to do stuff, he also gets to have his creative juices flowing! Just don’t mind the F word too much, you’ll get used to it.

5. For that one dad who loves coffee AND snacks

There is a dad who loves coffee. There is also a dad who loves snacks. Then there is a dad who loves coffee AND snacks. Look no more, fam, we got the perfect gift right here! Tired of seeing your dad bringing a mug of coffee and a plate of donuts in front of the TV for his daily fix? Now, with this mug, your father need not bring the plates anymore. Just stuff the donut right there at the bottom and voila! coffee AND snacks all in one! Fine print: Might not be suitable for dads who needs more than one donut per seating.

6. For that one dad who is always on the hunt for success

Not all dads are born to be cool. Some dads are made to boring and professional. That’s not a bad thing, of course. In fact, this demeanor and way of thinking are what most of us would want to emulate and we idolize our fathers because of that! So for our fathers who are in the endless pursuit of success, here’s a great gift idea! Hopefully, he has not read this particular book as of date. Or better yet, check your home library to be sure.

7. For that one dad who has a huge vinyl records collection lying around the house

If you have a dad like this, chances are your dad is definitely a music aficionado. Unfortunately, although the records may survive the test of time, the electronics to play the records may not be as lucky and your dad may be missing hearing those music he listened to in his childhood. Give him this gift and you’ll instantly be his favorite child! (hopefully). This device is a mix of the old and the new. It lets you play your dad’s old records and you can play music from a Bluetooth-enabled device. Talk about a perfect combination!

8. For that one dad who seems to not have enough pockets on him

When it comes to cooking outside, there is no better authority than our very own dads. From setting up the grill to cooking those barbecues to perfection, our dads seem to have everything under control. But wait! Why is he going back and forth the lawn and the kitchen? I guess this time there really is too much to handle. With this gift in hand, your dad won’t have the need to go back and forth and back and forth to get all his tools and supplies ready. With just one apron, he is armed for battle as can be!

9. For that one dad who is an old school gamer

Let’s face it, most of our dads would have no idea how to play the games that we have now. Minecraft? How does that even work? League of What? If only the games were as simple back then. Give him this mug to let him reminisce his glorious days of the past for being the undefeatable champion in Tetris! Or was it Pac-Man? I don’t really know. Wait let me get back to you. I have been AFK for far too long now. Oops.

10. For that one dad who holds a ball on the tee

I’m pretty sure there is an unwritten rule that dads must have played golf at least once in their lives. No? Oh okay. But I’m sure there are dads who are golf fanatics who would love to get a gift like this. It has a clock, it has pens, and most of all it is a golf bag! What more can he ask for? Oh an actual golf game? Sorry dad, I’d rather we go to a club than to hold one. Let’s save that golf game for your golf buddies. Teehee!

11. For that one dad who never gets tired of DIY projects

A lot of dads are handy with the tools but only a few take joy in undertaking DIY projects. Let your dad know how great he’s doing with all those projects of his by giving him this super cool and awesome digital tape measure. Not only would he have to not manually write down the measurements, he also need not worry about those pesky conversions! This would definitely be a perfect addition to his tools collection and I’m sure he will not wait to use it.

12. And for that one dad

The only one you have. The father who raised you and inspired you to reach your dreams. The father who made sure you get the best the world has to offer. Yes, that dad. Take him to the movies, go out with the family or just simply hug him. Thank him and tell him you love him, I’m sure he does not hear it as much as he wanted to. Then give him this cheese because you can never be cheesy enough! *double wink*

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