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8 Pieces to Glam Up Your Bathroom

Do you want to glam your bathroom? With the tips and tricks listed below, you can turn your ordinary bathroom into something luxe. That said, here are some glamorous pieces that you should add to your bathroom:


When you’re looking for a lavatory, we suggest that you look for something that expresses your style. It is now easier and faster than ever. From the material, color options to design styles, there can be many things to choose from.

A good example would be the Verticyl Under-counter Lavatory. It has a sophisticated look that can make your bathroom look like a spa.

When you’re planning to change your lavatory, it is vital to measure your space first. And then consider its use and function.


There are many considerations your need to take when choosing the right toilet. For one, you need to consider its height, size, and functions.

For instance, the Veil Floor-standing Intelligent Toilet has integrated cleansing functionality. And it’s perfect for minimalist with its fancy yet straightforward style.

Other than that, you need to consider who’s going to use the toilet. That way, you can figure out whether you will need bidet functionality, sensor, and other features,


Baths have innovated through the years. Nowadays, it’s more than just soaking or washing your kids or pets. You can acquire a unique experience from it. That’s because modern baths feature color therapy, heating system, and more.

However, it is integral to consider the space a bathtub might take. Another thing to look at is who will use it often and the look you want to achieve.

If you’re going for a luxurious bathroom design, you can go with Artifacts Freestanding Cast Iron Bath. This bathtub can make your bathroom elegant, thanks to its classy black and white design.

Bathroom Cabinet

When choosing a bathroom cabinet, it’s essential to choose something that suits your needs and bathroom design.

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or moving to a new home, buying and installing a bathroom cabinet can be expensive.

There are things to know first before purchasing a new bathroom cabinet. This includes your bathroom routine, the space you have, and the amount of storage that you’ll need.

For example, the ModernLife Bathroom Cabinet delivers maximum hygiene with minimum effort. Its drawers feature convenient storage modules to organize your things better.

Another thing to consider is the positioning and location of the cabinet. You need to make sure that it won’t hit the bathroom door or the shower door.

Mirror Cabinet

Mirrored cabinets and mirrors are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and functional things you can see inside your bathroom. They don’t just let you see your face, but they also help you keep your toiletries.

Before you get a mirror cabinet, though, you need to explore its unique designs.

One of the greatest functions of mirror cabinets is that they’re usually shallow depths, and some have extra spaces, and they are easy to access. Some mirror cabinets have their lightings making your room elegant and bright.

Take a look at the MaxiSpace Mirror Cabinet. This mirror cabinet has double side storage, grooming lighting, a hairdryer holder, and a wide-angle hinge. With this kind of cabinet, it will make your bathroom looks fancy and functional.

This is also ideal if you have a minimalist bathroom design.

Bathroom Accessories

Putting bathroom accessories is like putting jewelry. It’s the finishing touch for your bathroom.It adds style, complements the theme, and each of the bathroom accessories has its use.

Choosing bathroom accessories can be straightforward. All you need is to pick the pieces that can match your luxurious bathroom design.

Here are some samples of bathroom accessories that you need to consider:

Towel Bar and Ring

There’s no doubt that this bathroom accessory is one of the essentials. They are a good option if you have many spaces near your shower wall or bathtubs.

Towel bars allow towels to dry without being a clutter. Compare to hooks or rings; towel bars can dry your towel faster.

Design-wise, if you’re planning a luxurious bathroom design, we suggest that you can go with a towel bar that’s color gold, metal, or chrome-like. A great example would be the Finial Towel Bar. But what’s important is that it’s durable and reliable.

Towel rings, on the other hand, are good options if you have a smaller bathroom. They are perfect for hand towels with its usual round design, and they are usually placed on your vanity.

Toilet Paper Holder

Before you buy a toilet paper holder, you may want to consider different options.

There are many options when it comes to toilet paper holders. Some of them are wall-mounted, some have suction cups, and some are just free-standing.

You also need to consider the design like Stillness Toilet Tissue Holder. This toilet paper holder has a modern design, while some designs look vintage or industrial.

So, think thoroughly before getting a new toilet paper holder. Otherwise, it might not suit your bathroom design.

Robe Hook

Even the smallest touches inside the bathroom have a considerable effect.

Robe hooks are great when you need a hanging space in your bathroom, especially near the showers. That way, you can quickly grab your towel or bathrobe.

When it comes to considerations, you need to find robe hooks that are durable and very reliable. And you need to make sure that it will suit your bathroom design.

For example, the Avid Double Robe Hook is purposely designed for minimalist-like bathrooms.

Overall, there are many things to consider when you’re planning to renovate or design your bathroom. From lavatories to bathroom accessories, all of them should make a cohesive bathroom look.

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