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9 Remodeling Tips You Can Do for Your Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom can be challenging to remodel.

For one, you have limited space to work on. And small bathrooms are prone to being overcrowded.

But don’t worry. In this, we’ll share with you nine remodeling tips you can do for your small bathroom.

Avoid Dark Colors

The first thing you should consider when remodeling your bathroom is the color. And we highly recommend that you use a light color palette.

Soft gray walls are popular lately. But if you want some pop of color, consider icy blue, butter yellow, or seafoam green.

You can pair these colors with white bathroom trim or a bathroom cabinet.

Install Corner Sink

Sometimes having a standard sink can cause traffic inside your bathroom. That’s because they usually take up a lot of space.

When you have limited space, we recommend that you install a corner sink.

Compared to pedestal sinks, a corner sink can be mounted on the bathroom walls. And placing it on the corner allows for a sturdier mount. It also provides space underneath the sink that you can use for storage.

Moreover, corner sinks tend to be smaller than standard sinks. Despite that, it can be elegant and stylish, like the Chalice Round Sink in Glossy Black. This corner sink has a round vessel lavatory with a graceful inner curve and a smooth rounded line outside. Its glossy black finish can work well with a handful of bathroom designs.

Install a Floating Vanity

If you feel like corner sinks are too small for your taste, then you can consider getting a floating vanity instead.

Floating vanity can free up floor space, which you can turn into storage. It also creates an illusion that makes the bathroom looks spacious.

For example, the Idol Floating Bathroom Cabinet boasts a classy look. It also comes in two colors to ensure that it complements light or dark bathroom design.

Hang a Shower Curtain

A shower curtain will always be the right choice for your small bathroom, even if you’re using a walk-in shower or a full bathtub.

The right shower curtain can make your bathroom look bigger.

However, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. It would be best to get long shower curtains and hang them higher than usual. This trick creates an illusion that makes your bathroom look bigger.

To make the most out of your small bathroom space, consider getting a translucent shower curtain. Doing so allows the light to pass through, making your bathroom look spacious and bright.

Extend the Bathroom Counter

This extended bathroom counter can be done with stones or wood slabs. You can place a few needed items on the extended counter, or you can even add some ornaments to make your bathroom look fancy. This style is popular among minimalists with small bathrooms.

Use Large Patterns

Another trick to make your bathroom look bigger is to use large patterns.

For instance, you can install bathroom wall tiles that create large stripes. Doing so tricks the eyes that the bathroom looks wide or has high ceilings.

Just make sure not to use too many patterns, as it can create visual clutter.

Hang Huge Mirrors

Having a huge mirror is excellent inside a small bathroom. The reflection doubles the size of the bathroom without taking much space.

It is also a great way to make your bathroom look bright, as the light can bounce off the mirror’s reflection.

Design-wise, huge bathroom mirrors are very whimsical. It can complement almost every bathroom style like the Natura 41-inch Bathroom Mirror.

This mirror’s Mediterranean style enlivens the bathroom with its color.

Mount the Towel Bar on the Door

If there’s only a limited space inside your bathroom, mounting a towel bar at your shower door would be convenient and helpful. This would make towels easy to reach and provide an area where your bathroom towels can hang and dry.

Install Wall-mounted Faucet

A wall-mounted faucet takes advantage of vertical space. Hence, you can have all your vanity counter space for your belongings.

Faucets like the Purist Wall-mount Lavatory Faucet in Rose Gold are popular among those who want to have a contemporary bathroom design. That’s because it exudes a classical yet minimal look.

If you want a wall-mounted faucet, we suggest that you install it before you remodel. That’s because a wall-mounted faucet may require pipe re-aligning.


Keep in mind that remodeling a small bathroom takes a lot of creativity. That’s because you need to think of ways to make the most out of it.

That said, avoid having visual clutter by using light colors and large patterns. It would also help hang a huge bathroom mirror and install a wall-mounted faucet, floating vanity, or corner sink. Doing so allows you to use vertical space, and you can use the floor space for storage instead.

Lastly, consider hanging a shower curtain so you can extend your bathroom’s space without the hassle.

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