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A Taste of Japan: Flavors of Japan in McDonalds PH

It is the last day of February and what better way to end it than to binge-eat at McDonalds! This beloved fast-food chain from all over the world has recently released in the Philippines Japanese-flavored burgers and I can’t thank them enough for it. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. If I can’t visit Japan (yet) then I might as well eat something from there (or at least taste its flavors)!

McDonald’s Philippines brought the Flavors of Japan through its offering of two Japanese-styled burgers, namely the Teriyaki Burger and the Ebi Burger. Along with the burgers are the Nori-flavored Shake Shake fries and the Sakura-flavored Float. The glutton in me decided carbo-load tonight and bought everything in one go. Lo and behold, my purchase only costed me 319 pesos! That’s P125 for an ala carte order of an Ebi Burger and P194 for a Teriyaki Burger meal complete with a 16 oz. Sakura float and a pack of Nori Shake Shake fries. Not bad and heavy on the wallet if you ask me!

Ebi and Teriyaki Burgers

Both burgers are good and they actually exceeded my expectations. The Teriyaki Burger is just like your typical McBurger except that the patty is slobbered with juicy and scrumptious teriyaki sauce. The flavor is nice and has a sweet taste to it. I usually get umay (a Filipino term which has no English equivalent) when it comes to sweet food (except desserts, of course) but the mix of sweet and savory of this burger is just right which kept me wanting for more (hello more fats!).

But what I liked more is the Ebi Burger. Imagine eating a crunchy and filling tempura in between two burger buns topped with sesame seeds. Yum, right? That was what I was feeling while eating the Ebi Burger except that the shrimp in this burger is tighter and more packed than your usual tempura fix in, let’s say Yakimix or Sambokojin. I don’t think I can describe in words the taste of this burger with justice so it’s best to just go to the nearest Mcdonalds in your place and just grab one of these. It’s worth it, I guarantee!

Sakura Float and Nori Fries

You can get these both when you buy a Teriyaki or Ebi Burger meal, or you can get them separately if you wish. The Sakura float is lovely to look at mainly because it’s pink and cute and I love pink. But the taste is also not something to ignore. While the float tastes like your usual Sprite float, this particular float has a fruitier flavor to it. It reminded me of the taste of Skittles, actually, and I most definitely love Skittles. Needless to say, I loved the float.

The Nori fries, on the other hand, is just so-so for me. The taste reminded me of those nori-flavored biscuits you can buy in Japanese groceries or even in the Philippines. Of course the only difference is the food on which the flavor was added. But the Nori-flavored fries is definitely a nice touch to complete the Flavors of Japan campaign by Mcdonalds.

I want more!

Yup! I am most definitely going to visit Mcdonalds again anytime soon for these treats. I just hope that this development will not face the same fate as that of the Burger McRice which they released in the Philippines years back. I was in high school back then and had a serious separation anxiety from the loss of the product. I know most people didn’t like the McRice Burgers which compelled the restaurant to pull out the recipe. But what can I say? I’m just a girl with a unique (maybe weird?) taste, I guess.

Photos by AJ Gatoteo

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