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ANA Classica Launches Artisanal Solid Perfume Line

ANA Classica PH successfully launches its artisanal solid perfume line on 18 October 2020. ANA Classica is a start-up company founded by two cousins Amiel and Arriane (ANA) inspired by their love of scents and knack in arts and crafts.

Sold by the idea of portability and convenience of non-liquid perfumes for overseas trips, cousins Darlene and Nicole (known as Amiel and Arriane by their families) saw the potential of bringing traditional solid perfumes back into the limelight.

The founders make it their mission to produce perfume products that are stylish yet functional, perfect for everyday use. Likewise, the founders aim to support the women empowerment movement by helping women feel confident about themselves through scents inspired by some of the greatest women in history.

ANA Classica Scents

True to their vision of women empowerment, ANA Classica’s scents are inspired by some of the most influential women luminaries of the past. The initial set of scents offered by the founders are based on their personal childhood heroines whom they want to embody and personify – the elegance of Queen Victoria, the creativity of Frida Kahlo, the beauty of Cleopatra, the passion of Marie Shelley, and the intellect of Marie Curie.

Photos credit: ANA Classica FB Page

ANA Classica On-The Go Solid Perfumes

ANA Classica’s brand of solid perfume is not your typical beauty product. Consistent with its goal of achieving functionality vis-à-vis fashionability, the solid perfume is chicly stored inside an ANA Classica Locket which you can use as your everyday accessory.

Photos credit: ANA Classica FB Page

The jewelry is made of gold-plated hypoallergenic non-tarnish stainless steel which can be worn even for those with acidic skin type.  To date, there are five locket designs including a hand-painted design made in collaboration with Sining Seleste, a local artist known for painting highly detailed paintings on small canvases.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer to have a more compact vessel for their solid perfumes, ANA Classica also offers the ANA Classica Caramel Gold Diamond where the solid perfume is contained inside a diamond-shaped vessel. Interestingly, this product also serves dual purposes as you can use the scent as make-up highlighter or shimmer.

Products Review

Those who personally know me can attest that I am not a big fan of accessories. But if I really have to wear some, as when I have an office meeting or when I need to attend an event, I make sure that I only don functional or minimalist accessories.

Moreover, I am also the type who avoids wearing perfumes as much as possible as I have an ultra-sensitive sense of smell. If I really have to, I also make sure that the scent of my perfume is not too strong or overbearing.

Fortunately, ANA Classica’s brand fits the bill. The Ana Classica Locket is indeed stylish yet functional and the scent is fragrant yet not overbearing. The branding and packaging of ANA Classica are also top-notch yet very affordable. For a fair price, you can achieve that classy look and elegant smell and also feel like a pampered royalty.

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This is not a  paid/sponsored post. The products are provided by the brand for honest review.


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