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Asia Leaders Awards’ Woman in the Room

Asia Leaders Awards continues to acknowledge distinguished companies and leaders. The 2021 Asia Leaders Awards is made especially possible by the awards committee and its members who keep the tradition alive despite their full schedules and personal challenges.

Among the 13 empowered awards committee members is the sole woman in the pack who represents the American Association of the Philippines. Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, president of the committee, leads the team in charge of the Asia Leaders Awards campaigns. A role befitting of a co-founder one of the leading marketing, advertising, public relations, and consultancy in the Philippines — Tag Media Group,

“I’m from the province (Laguna) who moved to the big city, for years of staying in US and roaming in Wall Street and Broadway, I told myself that it’s all about campaigns and good branding and that’s why we have Tag Media Group, we like to disseminate the information fast and to promote the leaders to be emulated. It’s all about inspiration. To be at Asia Leaders Awards is the highest honour especially with these leaders with me. As what they say, surround yourself with good people. Helping out is natural for us, it’s being human and with Asia Leaders Awards, promoting these leaders in the world and what they do and accomplished are part of promoting the talent and strength of the Philippines.” – Grace Bondad Nicolas

From Left to Right: Awards Committee Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas of American Association of the Philippines, H.E. DongMan Han of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Korea, and Dr. Elton See Tan BNI Premier

The announcement of finalists will be on May 20, 2021, and the presentation of the whole awards committee and Gala night will be on November 11, 2021. Nominations for the 2021 Asia Leaders Awards are still accepted here.

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