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Beumer v. Amores

Beumer v. Amores

G.R. 195670 December 3, 2012
Ponente: Perlas-Bernabe, J.


Petitioner, a Dutch national, assails the decision of CA which affirmed the decision of RTC Negros Oriental. Petitioner and Filipina respondent’s marriage was nullified by basis of the former’s psychological incapacity. Petitioner thus filed for Dissolution of Conjugal Partnership praying for distribution of the properties acquired during their marriage which include 4 lots of land acquired through purchase and 2 lots by inheritance. RTC ruled that all parcels of land be given to the respondent, tools, and equipment in favor of the petitioner and the two houses on Lots 1 and 2142 as co-owned by the parties.


Is the petitioner entitled to assail the decision of the RTC and CA?


The petition lacks merit. Firstly, foreigners may not own lands in the Philippines. However, there are no restrictions on the ownership of buildings or structures on lands of foreigners. As such, the two houses on Lots 1 and 2142 are considered co-owned by the parties.

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