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Blooms and Petals PH: Carving Footsteps One Step at a Time

Blooms and Petals is a recently-launched brand catering to the fashion and lifestyle needs of ladies all over the country. Conceived during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines, Blooms and Petals is the brainchild of two friends who share the same dream of creating a brand tailored for women.

The owners of the brand make it their mission to build a community of artists who are driven by a shared passion in the arts with a view of helping other people tap their inner creativity and unleash their potential in design and style.

Their vision? To create meaningful partnerships with Filipino artists and entrepreneurs and to produce top-notch and quality local products. In line with this, the brand is happy to announce that it is currently seeking local artists interested to work with ladies’ fashion pieces as their canvas.

Starting Business during a Pandemic

Ms. Liz of the Blooms and Petals shares that starting a business always involves risk. What is important is that you always believe in your skills and capabilities as a creative or entrepreneur. Who knows and you may find yourself presented with a happy surprise. Indeed, anything can happen, you just have to take that one step and everything will eventually fall into place. For other nuggets of wisdom and stories, feel free to check out the quick live session with Ms. Liz here.

Product Review

It’s undeniable that I love shoes. If there is one piece of wearables that I would splurge on, shoes will always be the top choice. Shoes, however, don’t seem to love as much as they always seem to disintegrate and tear away easily. Truly, my mother does not call my feet “monster” for nothing.

Seeing that durability is one of my usual concerns with shoes, I decided to try out these beautiful heels courtesy of Blooms and Petals as I went for errands and groceries. Wearing heels while walking around the aisles of the grocery store? You might think I’m crazy, or at least, impractical. Maybe, but it’s the best way to test this lovely pair.

The verdict? Definitely a must-get!

Style – Super loved it! The earth color of the heels definitely makes it easy to mix and match get-ups and outfits of the day.

Comfortability – Strolling the halls of the shopping mall seemed like a breeze even when wearing this pair since the heels are blocked and the insoles are cushioned. This style is highly recommended for office wear. I know I would wear this to work soon!

Durability – The fact that the shoes remained intact after the ordeal they went through with me is definitely worth noting. While it may take a little longer to determine whether the shoes will stand the test of time, it would seem that the shoes may actually last a little longer with my “monster feet.”

Price – I can attest that you get the value of your money with Blooms and Petals shoes. What’s more, with every pair you purchase, you actually support local manufacturers and entrepreneurs. Let’s support small businesses and go local!

For further inquiries and order forms, please check out their social media handles below:

Instagram: @bloomsandpetalsph

This is not a paid/sponsored post. The product is provided by the brand for honest review.

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