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2016 OSG Legal Internship Program.

It is during the “summer” (at least in academic terms) that I was privileged enough to have been chosen as one of the participants in the 2016 Legal Internship Program of the Office of the Solicitor General. As I entered the office, I remember writing an essay, detailing my expectations on the outcome of the program. I remember the eagerness in getting the most out of all the activities laid down for us for the duration of our stay. I remember anticipating for the extensive training that I am fortunate to receive from the biggest law firm in the country, the very home of the counsels of the Republic of the Philippines itself. But as I look back at all these, what I failed to contemplate is that “all good things must come to an end”, and with all things, the time of our internship in the office has finally run its course.

Thirst for Knowledge

Common with the expectations I had on my mind then is the quest for knowledge and wisdom. Admittedly, I am in constant thirst for knowledge. Seeing that being a legal intern in the OSG could help satiate my thirst, I found no hesitation in applying for the same. And after a month of intensive training – co-curricular or otherwise – I am more than glad to say that my thirst, at least for the moment, has been quenched.  From learning the basic legal theories from reading books and cases in law school, I went outside the four corners of our classrooms to read books and cases, not for recitations nor exams, but for their application in real-life cases – a taste of the real-life legal practice. Indeed, not everyone is given the opportunity to experience the same, and for such, I am forever thankful.

Internship Program Proper

It has not been easy – juggling our time to draft pleadings and briefs one moment and then having to go out for errands concerning extra-curricular activities at another hand. As one of our supervising lawyers said, “If you can do all these things, you can do everything and anything else out there”. Now, I fully understand what he said, and I believe him fully. The internship in the OSG is not merely designed to train us in paperwork, but ultimately, to prepare us for the legal world, not just academically, but also emotionally.

Much can be said on what parts of the program can be improved on but all these are minute details which do not need stressing. These details can be discussed upon the post-assessment of the program, but I digress. A structured internship program, such as this, is certainly beneficial and advantageous for us interns since we become immersed in different parts of the system.  Immersion, not only with the legal work but with future colleagues as well, undeniably creates indispensable experiences and involvements which serve as our foundation in our hopes of becoming a revered lawyer.

Honor before Excellence

Excellence. It is but human nature to strive for excellence. This, of course, presupposes honor, for there can be no excellence when there is no honor. What differs in this so-called human nature is the purpose – the driving force – for the need to pursue excellence. Nevertheless, there should be one common purpose that should be embodied by all lawyers-to-be such as us, that is, strive excellence, not only for ourselves but ultimately, for the Filipinos, the nation, and the country. And as I exit this internship program, I take with me, words ever recurring around the office – “Para sa Bayan”.

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