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California Clothing v. Quinones

California Clothing v. Quinones

G.R. No. 175822  October 23, 2013
Ponente: Peralta, J.


Respondent went inside the Guess USA Boutique in Robinson’s Department Store in Cebu City and decided to purchase the black jeans worth P2098. While she was walking, she was confronted by a Guess employee and told her that she failed to pay for the item she got to which respondent replied that she did and showed the receipt.  Respondent then suggested they talk about it in the Cebu Pacific office in the mall. While there, she was allegedly embarrassed and humiliated by the Guess employees in front of their clients. The next day, Guess employees event sent a demand letter to respondents employers.  While the RTC ruled for them, CA reversed the decision saying that the acts done by the employees were not in good faith. Petitioners pray for the reversal of the decision of CA.


Did the Guess employees violate Articles 20 and 21 of Civil Code of the Philippines?


The Court affirmed CA’s decision and held that the employees abused their rights and did not have good faith in their actions against respondent where there was no clear evidence that she was evading to pay for the merchandise. The petition is thus denied for lack of merit.

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