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Coney Reyes is Wanda Woman in Wanda’s Wonderful World

Award-winning actress, television host, and producer Coney Reyes will once again grace our television screens as Wanda on the rerun of CBN Asia’s Holy Week special, Wanda’s Wonderful World, this Maundy Thursday, April 9, 5:30 p.m. on GMA.

Co-starring with top-caliber actors Tirso Cruz III and Ricky Davao, Coney breathes life to the character of Wanda, the CEO of a well-renowned events company, Wanda’s Wonderful World.

Despite her successful career, Wanda still searches for love as she tries to fill the void in her heart left by a traumatic experience she had when she was young.

“Wanda is sort of a complicated character. But if you dig deep down in her heart, it’s actually simple why she is the way she is. She was a neglected child, because of that, there were certain things she was yearning for in her life,” Coney explained.

One of the things that Coney could relate to her character was Wanda’s conversations with God and the decisions she made in life.

“Not that I questioned God, but I would often talk to God.” She added, “I made a lot of ‘not-so-healthy’ and ‘not-so-godly decisions’ and because of that I ended up with a lot of mess in my personal life. But when I met the Lord Jesus and I just surrendered my life to Him, everything turned around because God works things out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Following its run last Lent, the faith-based feature film earned the respect of international movie critics and enthusiasts, winning Best Special Effects in a Narrative Feature, Best Experimental/Most Creative in a Narrative Feature, and Best Lighting in a Narrative Feature awards at the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival 2019 in Buffalo, New York.

Wanda’s Wonderful World is written and directed by CBN Asia’s Special Projects Manager Icko Gonzalez. CBN Asia is the producer of the shows The 700 Club Asia, Superbook, and Tanikala featuring inspirational stories that bring hope to millions of Filipinos every Holy Week.

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