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Feeling Gorgeous with Yssentials Rejuvenating Set

“Choose products that support your wellness & help you feel gorgeous,” local brand Yssentials PH confidently claims. While proudly Filipino and made in the Philippines, Yssentials PH takes pride in using the highest-quality materials for their products as they import raw materials from countries known for their advanced formula on beauty and skincare products. Manufactured in an FDA-approved manufacturing plant, Yssentials’ products are free from harmful chemicals to the skin. Animal lovers will also take delight in the fact that Yssentials is an advocate of non-animal testing and cruelty-free testing of their products.

Yssentials Skin Rejuvenation Kick-Starter

Yssentials PH incorporates sea saltwater in its products to help fight acne-causing bacteria and restore the skin’s natural PH balance. The skincare set is also designed to exfoliate the skin to lessen, if not remove, skin impurities, prevent skin infection, and achieve whiter, brighter, and younger-looking skin. Watch the unboxing video below to see what else is inside the kit.

The set specifically includes the following products:

  1. Yssential Rejuvenating Soap – a combination of skin lightening agents such as kojic acid glutathione and collagen meant to boost collagen production to achieve healthier and younger-looking skin.
  2. Night Gel Yssential – contains active ingredients including Vitamin B3, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, tomato extract, and sea salt aimed to detoxify and moisturize the skin overnight.
  3. Day Gel Yssential – infused with SPF45 to help protect against damaging ultraviolet rays under the sun.
  4. Yssential Toner – designed to cleanse, hydrate, and restore the skin’s natural PH level and regulate moisture on the skin.

Products Review

Growing up, I have always known that I have a sensitive skin and I found that non-moisturizing or strong soaps usually tend to make my skin dry and itchy. I nevertheless took a leap of faith and tried the Yssentials Rejuve Soap and I was not disappointed.

While the shift from a moisturizing soap to a rejuvenating soap made me feel uncomfortable at first, I soon realized that non-moisturizing or whitening soap may not be that bad. To be sure, the soap’s clean and subtle scent made the experience worthwhile. From all the products, the soap is definitely the most used and one that gave the sweetest surprise.

The day and night gels are also not to be left unpraised. The gels are truly soft to the touch and the glow after applying them is something to look forward to.

As to the toner, the instructions on the kit provide that you should consider applying the toner every other day when you have a sensitive skin. Despite knowing that I had a somewhat sensitive skin, I tried using the toner everyday for a week. A few days after that, I started to feel the stinging sensation and heeded that advice of using it every other day.

By the end of the second week of trying out the products, I started to notice that my skin is slowly peeling off. It is not surprising really considering that this is a rejuvenating skincare set. I would like to believe that the stinging/peeling effect would mean that the products are effective. Indeed, using the set will allow your skin to regenerate and replace the older cells on your skin.

For further inquiries and order forms, please check out their social media handles below:

Instagram: @yssentialsph

This is not a paid/sponsored post. The products are provided by the brand for honest review.

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