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Groovy Glow Sets Instagram Platform Re-Launch

Following its launch last September, Groovy Glow PH is set to conduct its live re-launch on the Instagram platform on 14 November 2020 (Saturday) at 5 PM. Since its introduction in the market, Groovy Glow has been providing ladies all over the country their well-deserved beauty and relaxation breaks from the mundane routine of life.

Groovy Glow is a brand meant to embody how the sense of togetherness and community brought people together back in the 1970s. Groovy Glow utilizes locally sourced materials to create skincare products designed to evoke feelings of nostalgia together with its groovy branding and packaging inspired by the 70s scene.

Groovy Glow Skincare Routine

The complete skincare package of Groovy Glow aims to prevent breakouts and maintain skin moisture to achieve a fresher, younger, and glowing look. Included in the set is the new Pink Clay Mask. Watch the unboxing video below to see what else is inside the kit.

As opposed to the other skincare products included in the set, the Pink Clay Mask is not meant to be applied daily. Accordingly, you may adjust your skincare routine below to include the application of the mask (2-3 times weekly) as necessary.

To achieve maximum results, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

  1. Wash your face with the Lightening Foam Wash while gently using the scrub included with the kit for thorough cleaning.
  2. Apply the Brightening Facial Toner with cotton to clear away deep dirt not otherwise removed from washing.
  3. If using the Pink Clay Mask, gently apply the mask with the brush included in the kit. Leave the mask for 10-20 minutes then rinse well.
  4. Apply the Nourishing Serum on your face and gently pat and let the serum sit until dried to keep your skin moisturized.

Products Review

True to its brand, the Groovy Glow skincare set allows you to feel rejuvenated after a day’s work. My favorite part of the set is the Lightening Foam Wash and the Pink Clay Mask. The foam wash is light and soft to the skin and its scent is subtle and not overbearing. Unlike typical scents, the scents of the products are not the strong floral nor fruity type – rather, the products give off that clean and pleasant smell, perfect for a pre-sleeping routine.

Considering that the products are meant to be applied to the face, it is still best to do skin patch testing to check if the products will be compatible with your skin. Admittedly, I do have sensitive skin which is why patch testing is the default for me, especially when trying new products. As it turns out, the Groovy Glow products sit well on my face except for maybe the toner which may be a little too strong for my taste as it leaves a rather stinging effect. Overall, however, the Groovy Glow skincare set is definitely worth a try.

For further inquiries and order forms, please check out their social media handles and e-commerce shop below:

Instagram: @groovyglowph/

This is not a paid/sponsored post. The products are provided by the brand for honest review.

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