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Importance of Distant Learning in Today’s Time and Age

Digital industrial revolution is not a new phenomenon. We have seen and experienced the gradual digitization of products and services across all sectors. Where availing of financial services through online medium almost seemed impossible in the past, it is now hard to imagine how to live without access to online banking especially in this past-faced world.

While the financial sector is arguably the first to be affected by the advent of technology disruption paving way for financial technology products and services we now consume, the formerly gradual shift of other sectors to digital is now being accelerated especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic the world is now facing.

The educational sector is not an exception. What used to be the traditionally favored face-to-face learning set-up is now slowly being replaced by distant learning options in a bid to curb the adverse effects of the pandemic. Indeed, the traditional classroom set up has its advantages but we cannot deny that distant learning in this day and age may now become the new normal.

Advantages of Distant Learning

In an era where people are finally fully embracing technological advancements, distant learning and taking online courses are now taking the spotlight. Aside from that rewarding feeling of accomplishment from finishing a course, below are several advantages of distant learning that may help you decide to finally click that button and enroll in your desired course.


As long as you have a laptop or any similar device and a good internet connection, you are ready to embark on your journey with distant learning. Online learning options and modules have been around and developed for years already so you are sure to have a variety to choose from programs available for distant learning. In fact, there are online classes designed for kids, for college students, and even for professionals who wish to enrich their learnings and knowledge for their careers or for their self-development.  

Some online classes are also designed for those who did not get a chance to attend school in their earlier years. Sometimes, even companies make use of these programs to develop their employees’ knowledge and skills. The availability of distant learning options is also beneficial for people with physical disabilities or those who have difficulty in mobility.

Money Saver

The best thing about online classes is that you eliminate the need to spend on transportation and the fees intended for the use of facilities used in campus. Class modules and lectures are also downloadable online so there is likewise no need to spend so much on books that you would not use for a very long time.

Moreover, free online courses and discounted courses found in the internet are also widely available all over the internet. You only need to be resourceful in looking out for these hidden (or not-so-hidden) gems

Time Saver

Short degrees usually take three months to complete. Imagine the usual time spent travelling in traffic just so you can attend your class and then finding out that your professor cannot attend your class due to some conflicts in his schedule. This scenario will long be forgotten as soon as you decide to take distant learning classes instead.

Meanwhile, some platforms offer 4-week courses which usually takes more than ten weeks to complete when taken in a college or university. Most distant learning programs have pre-recorded learning videos that you can watch them even before the actual class period starts. This feature will definitely help you study further in a day when you feel like it.


In a campus setting, students are following a prescribed curriculum with fixed schedules for each topic that they have to learn at the same pace as everyone. In distant learning, however, you can find a program where the lectures will be available for a whole year.  You can re-watch a lecture that you find particularly hard and learn at your own pace without feeling discouraged and comparing your pace with anyone. 


With distant learning, you can study anywhere with a good internet connection, at least. You can opt to stay in the comfort of your home, or visit a local favorite coffee shop, or even in a hotel when you are in a vacation. You can study in between breaks if you are working as long as you can understand the lectures.


Distant learning is a form of learning where the professors and the student are not required to meet face-to-face. This particular form of learning allows anyone willing to learn or acquire supplementary knowledge and skills at their own pace and convenience.

While there are certain disadvantages to distant learning such as being too reliant on technology and the struggle of fighting distractions online and at home, it remains a fact that distant learning is an efficient and convenient way to study and to earn a certification in the comfort of your home. Should you wish to start your journey in distant learning, you may look at the course offerings of and see what fits your personal needs and requirements. It’s time to finally quench your burning thirst for knowledge and further studies.

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