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On Fear and Preparedness – Pay It Forward

Reflection on the movie Pay It Forward

There were various scenes in the movie that struck me but the one that really hit me the most was the interview of the journalist with Trevor. In this scene, Trevor explained that most people are afraid of going out of their comfort zones, the life they are used to, or their routines. As such, everyone loses.

On Fear

A person who is afraid will lose because he refuses to change and accept new things, and second, everyone else will lose, especially if they are the ones who need help. Fear – this is the concept that really spoke to me in the scene. Undeniably, everyone has his own fears. It is, however, an individual’s choice whether he will overcome his fear. In the movie’s case, Trevor overcame his fear of the bullies albeit resulting in a disheartening ending. This then brings me to another key concept that I got in the movie – preparedness.

On Preparedness

At the start of the movie, Trevor’s Social Studies teacher asked if the students are prepared to face the world outside their school and or local community. Preparedness is such a strong word and in fact, it is as important as overcoming one’s fears. The process of eliminating fear entails that there must be adequate preparation to face it. Most people are afraid because they do not know how things work or what will happen next. Simply, most people are afraid of the unknown. This may very well be eliminated if there is only enough knowledge on the feared subject. Consequently, the individual becomes equipped and more prepared to react when the fear presents itself. In the movie’s case, Trevor was able to fight off the bullies because, although he knew what the consequences may be, he was prepared to face them in hopes of paying it forward.

In the end, everything boils down to the will of an individual to face his fears to do something that he knows he has to. The movie made me realize how important facing your fears, especially of the unknown, is in order to do what is right in noble. Moreover, preparation in all situations that may arise is just as important.

Written circa March 2014

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