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On Martial Arts and Missing Training

I don’t remember when my fascination with martial arts first developed. I vaguely remember a friend of mine coercing me to join Karate GIFT (our school’s version of clubs) with her. I eventually agreed because I thought, why not? It seemed fun plus we get to wear cool uniforms and do cool moves like what they do in action movies. The reasons I had for joining back then was shallow but I eventually fell in love with the sport. I’d be mentally training when I have nothing else to do and I would fervently wait for that day of the week when we were supposed to meet and train again as a team. I eagerly learned and reviewed the techniques and anticipated when the next promotional exams will be held. Back then I thought I’d be training and learning the art for the rest of my life, only that rest of my life only lasted ‘til high school. I never got the chance to train again since college came. I became too busy with school and joining other organizations in hopes of fitting in with the new people that came with being in a new environment.

Years passed and I regret ever having stopped training martial arts. I miss the pain. I miss the discipline. Most of all, I miss the old me. I tried desperately to get martial arts PE classes in college just to go back to that feeling that I missed the most. In one semester I took Taekwondo, it was nice but it wasn’t as fulfilling as when I was learning Karate. It may be because I used to train Karate with my really close friends as opposed to training Taekwondo with new and unfamiliar faces. Nevertheless, training again made me feel good. Now I’m in my last semester of college and I’m currently taking up Judo for my last PE class. I’m excited but at the same time nervous especially since the nature of Judo is different than that of Karate and Taekwondo which are very similar. I think I’m really falling deeply in love with martial arts. I don’t mind what kind, in fact, I’m interested in all of them and I can only hope to at least get a background on each kind of martial arts out there.

I miss Karate. Badly. But I know I may not have the chance to go back to it again. It’s not because I don’t remember the techniques already (I still do) but because I honestly don’t want to go back to being a white belter again. Besides, I want to broaden my background in different martial arts and that’s why I’ll probably take up others (preferably offensive arts since Karate is mostly defensive). Nevertheless, I’ll forever be proud and thankful that I immersed myself in the sport for 3 years as it is the main reason why I’m in love with martial arts today. I miss the art but when I do I just look back at all the fun and hardships that came with it and somehow I feel energized.

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