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Overcooked is Epic Games’ Free Game this Week

Hardcore, and even casual, PC gamers take delight in Epic Games’ weekly free games ranging from not-so-popular indie games and even to the highly acclaimed bestselling PC games a player ought to have in his library. Coming from the games like Grand Theft Auto V, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection these past few weeks, Epic Games now makes Overcooked free to play and free to keep for the week starting from June 4 to June 11, 2020.

Overcooked Gameplay

Overcooked is a time management game similar to the Diner Dash series and Cooking Mama series. The game can be played solo or multiplayer up to 4 players. The game is premised on saving the world by feeding an overly hungry and angry, or “hangry” as I would say, monster hell-bent on wreaking havoc on earth unless satiated with lots of delicious and good food. The monster sounds like the hangry me, to be honest. The prologue of the game ends with the king telling the chef players that they are too inexperienced and uncoordinated to beat the monster, ordering them to travel back in time to develop their cooking and cooperation skills.

The player chefs are faced with cooking challenges divided into stages. The players must complete orders by preparing ingredients, cooking, and serving the orders, as well as cleaning up within a time limit. The layout of the kitchen changes over time and the recipes for different meals increase as the players progress in the game making the game more challenging and difficult in the long run.

Overcooked Playing Experience

After downloading and installing Overcooked via the Epic Games Launcher, I immediately played the game in campaign mode to test the waters. Playing the game via PC is very challenging especially as I am not accustomed to play fast-paced games using the keyboard. My first thought was that I needed to get an Xbox controller to play the game in its full potential.

Five minutes into the game and I found myself screaming and cursing my highly uncoordinated fingers. I have heard stories that Overcooked has been responsible for many couples fighting and friends falling out because of its gameplay. Back then, I thought it impossible and that the stories are merely exaggerated. Now that I’ve tried the game, I am now convinced of the probability.

You lack experience! Go back in time and get some!, says the King.

Where to Get and Play Overcooked

Aside from getting Overcooked from Epic Games (for free this week!), you can also get Overcooked via Steam and other PC gaming stores and platforms. As a multi-platform game, you can also play Overcooked on your Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Overcooked can be played locally by a maximum of 4 players. Sadly, co-op mode via the internet is not available in Overcooked. Should you, however, wish to play this chaotic game with your likewise chaotic and crazy friends, you may opt to get a copy Overcooked 2 instead as this sequel supports online co-op game.

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