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Reliving Youthful Dreams with ‘30 Days with Paulo’

Rekindle the dreams of your youth as you journey with Jel Tordesillas’ 30 Days with Paulo as two strangers meet by chance and explore their mutual yearning and passion for the arts. Taking inspiration on the thoughts of what can happen in a span of 30 days, author Jel dedicates her book to all the dreamers and the brave ones who took a leap of faith and followed their dreams.

What I loved most about the book is how light it is to read as you can actually finish the book in one sitting. This is ideal for most professionals who do not have the luxury of time for their hobbies and interests. Indeed, for busy individuals who need a quick romance fix, this book certainly fits the bill.

30 Days with Paulo comes alive as the song composed by the fictional characters of Bea and Paulo is in fact available via YouTube and other music streaming apps available online. The song is a perfect accompaniment of the book as the experience is made more holistic and seemingly real.

30 Days with Paulo’s pacing is similar to that of a movie’s pace written with a straight-forward plot presented in various literary styles and in tones and references that millennials can relate. Film buffs familiar with Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine’s Begin Again (2013), and Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascual’s Breakup Playlist (2015) will feel a similar mood and vibe with how 30 Days with Paulo was written and told.

Whether you are looking forward to reading books to relive your romantic youthful years or simply looking for a quick mood booster amid the uncertainties brought by this pandemic, you may find the book worth your while.

For more information about the book, feel free to visit her site and When in Manila’s writeup on her book.

This is not a paid/sponsored post. The book is provided by the auhtor for honest review.

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