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Small Bathroom Makeovers: Breathing Life to Smaller Bathrooms

The upkeep of a regular bathroom is normally challenging, and so much so when you have limited space. Small bathrooms might seem easier to maintain at a glance due to their size, but the real challenge lies in using every inch of what you have while balancing function with form.

If you have a new yet small bathroom space, here are a few things you can tweak for a lavatory that’s efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Everything starts with utilizing the space of the bathroom whenever you can, and avoiding items that jut out or enclose to give your eyes a wider sense of space.  You can do this by using transparent dividers for the bath instead of visible partitions.

You can also opt for sturdy but elegant hooks on the space behind doors instead of bulky or wide towel racks above the toilet. Smart narrow storage is also essential for maximizing space, such as this recessed vertical medicine cabinet above the sink, or this multipurpose open storage cabinet under it. High ceilings are also ideal as they can brighten up and ventilate any room while also allowing you more storage options like slim overhead cabinets or slender shelving.

Mirrors and lighting play a key role in visually enlarging spaces, so use mirrors well with a lighter color palette and simpler tones that don’t overwhelm the senses coupled with a balance of bright lighting and good ventilation for giving the illusion of a bigger space.

And although flashy fit outs are tempting such as classic vanity mirrors, a simpler and slimmer version works out just as well, particularly those that work well with accented faucets with the added touch of boldness and elegance.

Remember: In tinier spaces, less is always more, and the lavatory is no exception.

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