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Sun Life Foundation Launches Rise Brighter PH

Sun Life Financial-Philippines Foundation Inc. (Sun Life Foundation) officially launches Rise Brighter PH in commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of Sun Life in the Philippines. Sun Life’s Rise Brighter Philippines is anchored on the two most pressing concerns in this time of pandemic – financial security and health.

Aside from being part of the commemoration of Sun Life Philippines’ 125th Anniversary, the programs serve as Sun Life’s way of honoring the strength and resilience of the Filipino people amid adversity. “Tuloy ang samahan. Walang iwanan,” Sun Life Philippines CEO & Country Head and Sun Life Foundation Chairman Benedict Sison imparts.

Sun Life’s Rise Brighter PH

Sun Life’s Rise Brighter PH aims just what it suggests: help the Philippines and the Filipinos rise to a brighter future.  “If we have the privilege to be comfortable in this crisis, we also have the responsibility to lend a hand to those in different circumstances.”, Sun Life President Alex Narciso conveys.

Sun Life seeks to achieve its goal through two projects which aim to address two of the main issues of today, that is, financial insecurity and inadequate health care facilities in the country. Accordingly, the two projects are Sun Pera-Aralan 2020 and the Sun Life Barangay Health Stations.

Sun Pera-Aralan 2020

Sun Pera-Aralan is a behavior-based financial management program which aims to address financial insecurity and indebtedness among public school teachers. The program considers the actual behaviors and experiences of public school teachers, making it more effective in helping them develop positive and practical daily money habits.

Sun Pera-Aralan makes use of Peso-Sobre, a simple and straightforward budgeting tool that helps teachers properly allocate their monthly salary into weekly funds. This budgeting tool is similar to what is known in various budgeting and financial community as the envelope or sobre system where the users allocate their budget by physically enclosing their cash in designated envelopes representing where the money should be spent (i.e. rent, food, allowance, etc.).

The beneficiaries of Sun Pera-Aralan program also has access to a Facebook support group that encourages teachers to stay on track of developing their budgeting habits by connecting them with fellow teachers in the program and with volunteer Sun Life financial advisors who can provide further guidance as necessary. The program is designed by Sun Life’s partner, AHA! Behavioral Design, Inc.

Sun Life Barangay Health Stations

It is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the state of health care access throughout the whole country, particularly in far-flung areas outside the metro. While the barangays serve as the source of primary health care in the Philippines, it is unfortunate that not all barangays in the Philippines are equipped with their own health care stations.

Reportedly, there are 42,045 barangays in the country as of March 2019. Nevertheless, the health care stations listed by the Department of Health are only at 21,053 barangays. Accordingly, 21,053 barangays are yet to have their own health care stations. It is for this reason that the Sun Life Barangay Health Stations Project is born. Sun Life Foundation is eager and optimistic in helping fill in the gap, in partnership with Health Futures Foundation, Inc. through this initiative.

For this year, eight Sun Life Barangay Health Stations are scheduled to be built in various places in the province of Batangas. Each of the heath stations is set to provide various health care services such as vaccinations, medical consultations, and healthcare literacy and awareness programs.  Barangay health workers and health cluster leaders will also be provided with training so that they themselves may directly provide health care to their respective communities.

“Through this initiative [Rise Brighter PH], we reaffirm our commitment to our purpose, which is to help Filipinos achieve financial security and live healthier lives.”, says Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. and Sun Life Foundation President, Alex Narciso. “We want to send a beacon of hope that even during these times of uncertainty, a sustainable and brighter future is possible, and it is right ahead of us.”

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