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What Went Down at the National Swap Meet 3 2019

Toys down the memory lane

The people behind the National Swap Meet 3 promised the participants a blast in the past. And a blast in the past we certainly had! We took a road down the memory lane as we saw various toys from our childhood ranging from those Pokemons, Barbie dolls, Tamiya cars and so much more! And it’s not just about toys too. There were also some music memorabilia, comics, Marvel or otherwise, and even Coca Cola merchandise which Coca-Cola collectors would definitely love to get their hands on. But I would say that the highlight of my stay at the event was the auction.

Auction Time!

Having Fun at the NSM Photobooth

We went just as the auction was about to start. Various toys and collectibles were lined up for auction and I knew that I had to join. I’m not particularly aiming to get a specific item but I just wanted to join just for fun. The prices ranged from as small as ten pesos up to thousands, depending on the item. The first item was a seal stuffed toy which was sold for ten pesos. I wanted to get that one just because it was such a steal but then I was too far from the stage to bid. I guess the toy got sold that cheap because everybody else was just warming up. The next items didn’t go as low.

As for me, in my excitement, I bid for an item which I didn’t especially like. I actually didn’t know what the item was and just raised my hand. It ended up to be a set of chocolate-themed keychains which you can customize or design. It would’ve been an okay catch except that the instructions were in Japanese! Nevertheless, I wouldn’t say that I dislike it but I wouldn’t say that I like it too. It was an okay deal, I guess. Overall, the experience was great, though, as I loved seeing everyone having fun bidding for their favorite items.

Toys, Toys, Toys!

Tamiya cars all set for racing!

Since I wasn’t especially interested with the items lined up for auction, I decided to leave the area and go around the hall instead. It was fun looking at the toys of my childhood especially the game cartridges and the family computers the collectors were selling. There were also some good Nintendo DS games which I was tempted to buy but ultimately decided to save my money instead. The Pokemon plushies were also almost too cute to resist! Still, I prevailed my impulse which made my wallet very happy.  

There was also a Tamiya racing event happening at one side of the hall. Looking at the race tracks reminded me of the times my brother and I were playing with our own Tamiya cars. I wonder where those race tracks went. I’d make sure to dig up our storage area soon. The very popular Funko Pops are also a hit with the event-goers. Almost everything a geek like me enjoys adored the halls of the National Swap Meet 3 and it took every ounce of my self-will not to deplete my financial resources.

Blast in the Past

This was my first time going to an event like this and, needless to say, I enjoyed every bit of it. And for the self-proclaimed geeks like me, this event is definitely not one of the things you should miss. I look forward to having fun at the next meet. Until then, it’s time to relive my childhood as I rummage through my old stuff back at home.

Photos by Arvin Jasper Gatoteo

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