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Where is my Coke? A Search for the Missing Drink

Where is my Coke?

A Search for the Missing Drink

I have been stuffing myself with all sorts of unhealthy food these past few months but there just seems to be something missing! As a recent law graduate preparing for the Bar, eating mostly from fast foods is almost always a norm (except for those of you who are living with your moms who cook meals for you, lucky people!). And although I have been eating fast food almost every day, I still feel somewhat empty. Seriously, where is the Coke? You know, the regular, sweet, and guilt-inducing Coke? Not that bland Coke Zero!

The lack of Coke has been going on in the Philippines for some time now and I am badly missing its taste. I know, I know. There are still Cokes being sold in the supermarkets but eating my favorite Jollibee Chickenjoy or Mcdo Cheeseburger is just not the same without the Coke. I try to get by with Coke Zero (blah!) or iced tea, but I really do miss the taste of the plain, old, regular Coke. Where art thou, my dear Coke?

I searched for some answers but the closest I could get was that there has been a shortage of sugar supply here in the Philippines that Coca-Cola finds it hard to manufacture the regular Coke. The exact reason for the shortage is unknown but most people speculate that it has something to do with the taxes imposed on soft drinks brought by the TRAIN law. I mean, it could be possible, but one cannot be so sure. How hard can it be to manufacture the regular Coke when other soft drinks are actually being manufactured and available?

On the bright side, this shortage has forced me to choose iced teas over soft drinks several times now. I’d like to think that this shift somehow made my unhealthy lifestyle *less unhealthy* but who am I kidding? I miss Coke! Do I have to live a healthy lifestyle now? Yes? Okay, but where is my Coke?

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